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The 2nd Earth System Science Workshop at ESRIN Science Hub

The 2nd Earth System Science Workshop at ESRIN Science Hub

This workshop promises a deep dive into exploring the scientific potential of Satellite Earth Observation together with data science techniques to transform the researcher’s findings into captivating stories.

After the big success of the Earth System Science Workshop organized last year, we follow-up with the 2nd edition of the event in an exciting new setting. For this edition, the Science Hub collaborates with Sorbonne Université Paris, Académie Spatiale d’Ile de France, and IPGP and hosts the Earth System Science Hub Challenge, from February 26th to March 1st, 2024.

Join us online and Register here to secure your spot in the Earth System Science Hub challenge!
Registration deadline is February 15th 2024.

The main goal of the workshop is to equip PhD students with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage Earth Observation (EO) data effectively. With a focus on comprehending Earth system dynamics and processes, participants will engage in elaborating the challenges such as time interpolation, dimension reduction across time, prediction tasks, spatial autocorrelation, unsupervised clustering, CNN classification, and gap filling in spatial dimensions. To foster collaboration and innovation among PhD students, a team of DeepESDL scientists from University of Leipzig will guide the participants through key concepts of the DeepESDL, empowering them to perform trends analysis and time-scale dependencies detection, observing time dynamics in Earth data, characterizing compound of extreme events and much more.

A unique highlight of this workshop is the hands-on experience. Participants will collaborate in groups to present their scientific insights in the form of designing stories to be featured on the EO Dashboard, an open platform co-developed by ESA, NASA and JAXA.

Storytelling is not the only new element of this Workshop’s edition. ESA, NASA and JAXA are opening the EO Dashboard story integration to the public! With the support of the DeepESDL team, 20 spots are made available for global teams (individual or up to 3 people) to join in and compete in solving the same challenges as proposed on-site. Same resources and training materials will be available to online EO enthusiasts. Evaluation of the best stories will be held by a team of experts from ESA, NASA, JAXA, Universite Sorbonne, and the University of Leipzig.

The workshop is also open to ESA Living Planet Fellows, internal research fellows, Young Graduate Trainees (YGTs), and interns, who have a chance to join the sessions in-person and online, as well take part in the challenges (online only).

For those eager to explore the workshop’s agenda, a comprehensive overview is available here:

As in the past edition of the workshop the week will not be filled only with working on technical challenges and scientific questions. Location in ESRIN will enable direct interactions with ESA EO mission managers, scientists and researchers. The networking opportunities during the workshop are going to be an important part of the overall experience for visiting students, allowing them to explore career possibilities in ESRIN.

For more information on the challenges, registration process and online introductory sessions, visit:

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