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Workshop with University of Edinburgh, UK, 13-17 May 2024

ESA-ESRIN Via Galielo Galilei, 1, Frascati

The Science Hub is hosting the 3rd edition of the Earth System Science Workshop in partnership with the University of Edinburgh. The event will take place between 13-17 May 2024. The scope of the workshop is to train PhD students in working with Earth Observation data to understand Earth system dynamics and processes. The participating […]

EarthCODE co-design workshop

ESA-ESRIN Via Galielo Galilei, 1, Frascati

ESA recently kicked off the development of EarthCODE- a Collaborative Development Environment for Earth System Science. The goal of the project is to enable science activities funded under FutureEO’s EO4Society element to adhere to FAIR Open Science practices, contributing to the achievement of ESA’s vision for EO Open Science and Innovation. The workshop will be […]