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The Earth System Science Hub is the new ESA facility for advanced Earth system and climate science studies. It is a centre of excellence for scientific collaboration, networking, and exchange of ideas, promoting a community response to the major science challenges of this decade, boosting the scientific output of ESA and its Member States and offering ESA expertise and infrastructure.

The activity of the Hub covers all domains of Earth system and climate science with a strong focus on enhancing our capacity to observe, understand and predict the major changes affecting our planet, their drivers and underlaying processes as well as their impacts on and feedbacks with human activities and ecosystems.

The Science Hub hosts a dynamic and diverse community of European and international scientists and relies on the latest advances in open data science, cloud computing and HPC capabilities, offering a collaborative advanced development environment for science and EO research.

The Science Hub will contribute to unlock the full potential of the new generation of EO satellite technology through exploration and groundbreaking research fostering scientific excellence as the bedrock to build innovative solutions for society and a science-based dynamic replica of our planet, a “Digital Twin of the Earth”.

“Science is the key to unlocking the mysteries of how our planet works as a system and to predicting what is in store as human activities continue to upend Earth’s natural balanceIn order to exploit our scientific yield even further, we need closer collaboration with academia and closer links with scientists from a wide range of disciplines – and our new Science Hub will help achieve this.”  ESA’s Director of Earth Observation Programmes, Simonetta Cheli